Neophyte Nuances: Thoughts in Limbo

It’s official! The Alpha Thetas are now neophytes! It has been a long journey, and each and every one of us has put in so much time and dedication towards fulfilling our pledge requirements, growing as individuals, and working to better the chapter. It still feels so unreal, and in fact it didn’t really hit me that my days as a pledge were over until Monday morning, when I went to grab my pin to wear and remembered that I no longer had it! My backpack is also a bit lighter now that I don’t have to carry my binder everywhere either. It was a sobering and slightly sad realization, because even though this has been the most challenging semester of my two years at USC in terms of time management and handling stress, I wouldn’t have done it any differently! I have made so many new friendships, have become more aware of and involved in the Los Angeles community around USC, and have become a stronger person in general.

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Comm Team represent!

Although it was a lot of work, I’m going to miss being pledge class secretary. I have always enjoyed taking notes and keeping track of things, so this position was a perfect fit for me. I also had a lot of fun being on Comm Team and making the newsletters, even though they took a long time and weren’t by any means perfect. I hope that the future VP of Communications continues this project, so that I can see these newsletters flourish and become a staple of APO! Although I am by no means a writer, I have also enjoyed trying my hand at writing blog posts. I admit that because of my busy schedule, I wasn’t able to put many out on a regular basis, but I hope that my sentiments have shown through these last ones. In the future, if I am not too busy (which is highly unlikely), maybe I will start my own blog! What it would be about, I have no idea, although since I am such a foodie, maybe I can start one about my food adventures!



I know it is not really the end since the bond will never break between pledge brothers, but in a way I feel like next semester, once we are all actives and college consumes us once more, we won’t get together as much since we are no longer required to meet on a regular basis. It was great having one last stand, with some of my Alpha Thetas, as we danced our hearts out for the Interchapter Dance Competitions in San Diego! Dancing has always been a passion of mine, and I’m glad I got to share it with my p-bros as well! I promise to continue to make the effort to meet up and hang out, even if I am way too busy and have to push back other plans, because I love my p-bros more than the universe!

Wherever life takes me, I will always remain dedicated to service. The feelings of joy and accomplishment I get when helping others, are irreplaceable! I really enjoyed our second pledge mission project, where we reached out to members in our campus community that we interacted with on a regular basis, and interviewed them as well as showed them our appreciation. My group sought out the USC shuttle drivers, and they were such kind and friendly people, who were more than happy to meet with us and tell us about their day on the job. I have gained a lot more respect and appreciation for all the people who work at and around USC. Please take a look at the appreciation video I put together!

Today was the last day of official classes for me, and now that the semester is coming to a close, I can’t help but look back and think about what I could have done differently. But while I sit here writing this, I will make the conscious decision to focus on the future, and let any regrets I have remain in the past. Yes there were a lot of speed bumps along the way, but I know that without them, I wouldn’t be here as the person I am right now. Thank you Alpha Thetas for taking this journey with me, and being by my side through it all. I will see you all on the “other side” soon enough!


Stay THirsty!!!

Miel Krauss

p-bro love