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The pledging process of Alpha Phi Omega works to create an environment that fosters a passion for service, creates cohesiveness within the pledge class, and encourages the pledges to take on various leadership roles, with the guidance of the Pledgemaster, Pauncles and the Active Body. By providing ample opportunities that center around Leadership, Friendship, and Service, pledges can continually develop in these three principles not just into activehood, but also beyond their time at USC.

The process of pledging is not an individual experience; rather, it is a collective experience in which every pledge plays a role. Required pledge activities like pledge missions and funtivities aim to foster bonds between pledge brothers. Throughout pledging, they are taught to help and support each other when in need, and to create a safe environment where everyone feels welcomed and accepted. Pledging Alpha Phi Omega offers students a one-of-a-kind college experience they will never forget.

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