Our dedicated volunteers and comprehensive service programs distinguish us from all other service organizations on campus.


The Alpha Kappa chapter of Alpha Phi Omega completes thousands of community service hours every year. Every full member completes at least 25 per semester, but nearly everybody goes above and beyond the minimum. With weekly events, varying from tutoring and mentorship to environmental restoration and distributing food and supplies on Skid Row, there are many opportunities for our members to provide diverse service to the community. In addition to our regular events, several special events occur every week which allow our members to not only expand the reach of our service, but also experience the unique events and places which bring such vibrancy to Los Angeles. Service is one of the pillars of Alpha Phi Omega, and an integral part of the Alpha Kappa experience.


Within our Chapter, we also have Philanthropy - a branch of service that focuses on reaching out to wider audiences in the community through events initiated by our own members. With Philanthropy, we have the opportunity to make all kinds of ideas and inspirations come to life - for instance, our flagship event, KEDS (Kids Expore and Discover 'SC) was born out of a common passion for working with kids. Motivated by the notion that education should be exciting and enjoyable, we invited kids from all around the LA area to come onto our campus for a fun day of workshops and games. Even though events like these are always created from scratch, they are incredibly eye-opening and rewarding because they make a huge difference to the outside community.

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